Monday, April 14, 2008

Dream boat

If you could do one thing what would it be? With me it’s a list as long as my arm, but one of the top things would be to live on a narrow boat, sailing England’s canals to my hearts content. As we live near a canal I spend a lot of my time walking along looking at the boats and compiling a list of must haves for my dream boat. Then at the weekend came across this boat, it not too long but still would take four people. It’s got big windows, no use having a view if you cannot see it. It’s got good space fore and aft, you need to be able to sit in the sun, and you would not be afraid to scratch it. Now I just need a few grand and unlimited time off from work.

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The D in D & T said...

i love the color of this photo.

my one thing: right now? teleport home and see my family, specially my dog, flynn.

i hope you get your narrow boat someday soon.

Suburbia said...

For me, a cottage by the sea.

jeanne said...

Looking out of my window I've got it all. Just had lunch with my best friend. And if you, are happy even better. From Jeanne

Ham said...

I don't know what my one thing would be. Too many to choose from. And I'm only sixteen, so I'm limited.

I love your blog!

Check mine out.

babooshka said...

I have "legged" through the longest tunnel in britain on a barge on a Pgl holiday as a child. Obviously upset the parents to be packed off.A for the locks...

Move to South of France is may Mantra. Surround my self with other peoples dog to photograph,while my partner cartoons them,put the camera down once in a while, eat drink and live the life in s.o.f. A you can see I haven't given it much throught.

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