Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Echos of Ramsey street

Good neighbors, they are worth their weight in gold, and we have got just a pair. She is lovely helpful and after only being here a few week knew more about the people living around us than we did in a few years. He is quite, polite and hard working; in fact he never stops (a glowing example of what I should be doing, according to Caz). They have got two children both grown up and a credit to them. They have great plans for the house and garden and have always kept us informed of the plans and checked that we are ok with them. When new people move in it can be a time of uncertainness, your lovely idyllic home can be turn into a fortress keeping out the forces of evil. We have been very lucky. The image for today is very simple, just snow on a tree, just because its not complex or awe inspiring does not make it any less pretty.

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You've been tagged. Sorry not sure if this is your type of thing. Its at mine if you want it!

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