Friday, January 16, 2009


Just had to share this shot of a boat down on the canal, it has so much stuff on it. What attracted my eye first was the brace of pheasants hanging over the door way, it was only after I had taken the shot that I saw the chickens in the pen on the tow path. I love to see boats like this, the pretty ones are great for interest in landscape shots, but this is a living thing with a unique personality. Just after this we found ourselves in a canal side pub and over heard one of the boatmen complaining how cold he had been all the previous night, only to find when he woke the next morning he had left the back door wide open.
Thanks for all the feed back on what you would like in a photography course, it has been an eye opener. The introduction is now finished and when I get some time I will get it on the other blog.

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Michaela said...

Wow...that's really sad. Those poor chickens! But you're right, it's an incredibly interesting shot.

Sunny said...

the boat tells a story, indeed

Suburbia said...

Hi Brett, I've not been around much this week. Lovely pic as always, I need to catch up below to find out what you are up to!

Ranger Faff said...

Another world. Another life! If only I had the nerve to just... jump.

And a classic song today, Brett! Magnificent.

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