Monday, January 5, 2009

New year old routine

First day back to the normal routine, and by 8am I was sitting in the dentist chair, what a start to the new working year! On top of that it has snowed and we have the first really blue sky since we broke up for the holidays, just when I’m stuck at my desk.
The news this morning was again all about Israel’s invasion of the Gaza strip, looking at the footage of the ring of steel closing around Gaza city, of all the tanks, armoured cars and guns, it reminded me of the effort the German army put in to clear the Warsaw ghetto in the second world war, if I remember rightly the defenders put up a cracking fight and nearly stopped a vastly superior forces, lets hope the people of Gaza have more luck.
As for my hopes for the New Year, well to not miss a post on this is top of my list, with only about 45 to go I cannot believe that I’ve kept this up. I am looking at ways to take this forward after the 14th as I have mostly enjoyed doing it over the past 10 months. But for now its time to catch up on the emails and comments that have come in over the past week.
This photo was taken last week in Rutland and shows a new crop just showing its face, a great picture for the first full working week of the year.

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Laura Jane Williams said...

Lovely picture... coupled with thoughts on 'New Year, new start' I think it feels very... very hopeful.


Emmie said...

ah sods law isn't it?? Blue sky.. stuck in office :o) It is so bitterly cold though.. I have not been brave enough to stray too far from home :)

I have no doubt your blog wil go onwards and upwards during the next few months x

Suburbia said...

Gosh, looks just like spring!

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