Saturday, January 10, 2009

My goals

Well the first working week is done and it felt as if nothing had changed, other than the date. The 2 whole weeks away from the grind seem a thousand years ago and the next break seems too far away to contemplate.
So what are my plans for the year? My main focus will be to continue to build on my photography, I had a good year last year and think I can do better this one. I would also like to try and write something, maybe an article for a blog or magazine, illustrated if possible with my pictures, I see so many magazines around filled with stories about anything that I feel there could be an opportunity there.
At my proper job I think that this year will be the time to move on, hopefully to stay in the same department but in a different role.
Personally I need to get fit; my belly’s back and I want him gone before summer.
On the blog front I have only a month or so left to do and I will have posted a photo every day for a whole year, I cannot explain what an achievement this will be for me, so far over 90% of the photos I am really happy with, and only 2 were taken before the year started. To give you an idea of the effort put in, before this year started I had around 450 shots that were of a standard I was happy with, that works out at 23 a year and I’ve done 330 just on the blog with another 30 for other things with a month to go.

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Suburbia said...

It's been a good year for you! I hope you enjoy the next one even more :)

Monique42 said...

wow time just flies, I am watching your blog, encouraged by your dedication, it helps keep me motivated. Keep up the great photos.

Anonymous said...
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