Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shopped out

Just spent the day shopping at an outlet village, less a village, more a small town and now I’m back and drained of energy. Having being in a lot of the shops the one thing that surprised me was how friendly the staff were, if it was me working on a Saturday and have to answer lots of stupid questions I’m sure I would get quite off hand.
Picture today is of a tree, it does not look it but the tree was massive, but when taken in its surroundings it looks so small.

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aims said...

We found some very lovely people working in stores on weekends - and every day.

I note this because most of the retail staff in this country are surly any time of the week.

I use to love helping others. I think people have forgotten that being helpful to others is a gift both to others and to themselves.

Love the tree Brett.

Babooshka said...

The Isle Of Man has a lot to learn about customer sevice. This image shows so many have a lot to learn from you about photography, perspective and atmosphere.

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