Monday, January 19, 2009

Skate off

Another Monday another start at the Dentist, not the start to the week I was looking for, but it can only improve from here.
Dancing On Ice, its my fault that we ended up watching this, last week was the first one and I suggested that it would be fun to watch as the really bad ones would be all over the place. But I’ve created a monster, Caz is hooked. So last night we settle down to watch the girls go though their first routine and very good they were too. Now I hate all these celebrity reality shows, they are just hour long adverts to help boost flagging careers of fading stars and they all have the same formula right down to the one nasty judge. But of all of them the skating one is by far the hardest, having worked closely with professional skaters for 2 years I know the level of fitness and skill that are needed, also the guts to skate backwards at speed, performing jumps and turns in time and in step with your dance partner. These celbs have chosen a very hard path to improve their careers; it would be much safer to go on big brother.
So last night after watching all the girls skate and get their marks from the judges, the show then lost the plot and gave the audience the right to vote, and they did in their thousands. The result after all the votes where calculated were suppose to leave the worst two at the bottom of the list and having to skate again to stay in, giving the judges the final say. What really happened was that the worst pair was saved; she is a popular middle aged daytime TV presenter and of the same age as the target audience for this sort of thing and two better skater faced off against one another sending one home earlier than she should have. The point of this show is to see who can skate the best, if it was just a popularity contest they could have saved themselves all the weeks of training and heartache, as it stands the contest is devalued, no matter how good you skate, if the public don’t like you, you are doomed

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Sunny said...

it is a breathtaking view!

Retiredandcrazy said...

Yes, breathtaking. I'm also hooked on Dancing on Ice, much to my husbands anoyance!

travelling, but not in love said...

Brett, it's just like life - if the public don't like you, you're doomed indeed!!

aims said...

Oh- My - Gods!

What an incredible shot Brett! It took my breath away as well!

As for the reality shows - pffft.

We don't get tv - our satellite dish points right at the neighbours growing tree.

We have to wait until it's posted online to watch anything. The quiet is heavenly!

Suburbia said...

Those shows do my head in!!!

Fab shot :)

Lisa B said...

Love the clarity and calm here. Dancing on Ice is one I don't watch, but I'm sure the voting systems leave a lot of questions unanswered and of course the cynical part of me thinks they (ie these shows) are all fixed anyway.

Babooshka said...

Breathe taking reflection, and I do like a refelction.

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