Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ready or not, here i come!

Music, I love it, that why there is a MP3 player on my Amazon gift list (hint, hint, Caz). I the past on here I’ve covered some of my favourite songs and what they mean to me, now I thought I would do the same with my albums.
Unlike a single track Albums can rarely conjure up memories of a single moment, they are just too long and contain too many different emotions. For me an album is more likely to be linked to a time, maybe the week or month that it was first played or the time that it became relevant after years of just being good music.
My favourite album of all time and by that I mean the one I’ve played the most will come as a surprise, me being a fan of punk/indie/rock, as it is an R&B/Hip-Hop classic. One music commentator said it "balances intelligence and accessibility with an easy assurance, and ranks as one of the most distinctive hip-hop albums of its era.” For me it has great tunes, tied together to form a unique collection. Each track contains more words than 3 pop tracks, covering a wide rang of topics from love to race hate. It stayed in my car tape player for months at a time and even after a decade still sounds as fresh as it did on day one. The time that it brings to mind most was a weekend at Bug Jam, a weekend spent camping in a pea field while attending England’s biggest Volkswagen show, with the Bugs and Campers arrayed in a circle, a fire in the middle and good friend sitting round drinking late into the night. The album is the Score by the Fugees.

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I'm not surprised at all! As a matter of fact, I'm quite pleased that you've picked it! If they're done well, R'n'B albums can be just as good as any pop or indie effort!

Scarlet x

Suburbia said...

I do love how music brings back amazing memories often in the most unexpceted moments. I have one or two albums which I am playing a lot at the moment. When this part of my life is settled, I know that playing them in the future will bring it all back.

Fab pic.

aims said...

I don't know if I should tell The Man that you are VW fan! He'll be soooo jealous.

You know we pulled our little 13' trailer to New Orleans with a VW Golf Diesel Turbo.

Looks so funny! I've posted some pics of it somewhere on my blog.

He is waiting - impatiently - for a diesel Tiguan to come to North America. Very impatiently.

We are taking the car to the mechanics this weekend and dropping it off. It barely made 82km/hr on the way home and he had a hard time shifting into gears. Don't know what happened to the poor thing.

We did hit over 333,000km on it tho. It's been places with us - towing and not towing.

Oh! We also had the hitch almost fall off somewhere in Texas and had to find a welder. So much fun!

I'm back Brett.

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