Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That warm feeling

Great news, I’ve had a picture posted on another blog, pictures poetry prose, basically the blog posts images from other bloggers and then invites people to be inspired by the photos and write pieces of poetry or prose about them. My shot was posted yesterday just after I had posted so missed out being mention then, but it has given me the chance to read some of the words inspired by my image. It is really great to see my images having an effect on people at a different level than I normally see.
After mentioning yesterday that I had a burger maker for Christmas I would like to mention my gift to me, well it was more a collaboration with money from other people as well. Given that your budget was unlimited, so that you could buy just what you wanted, not having to compromise at all for any reason, what would you buy? For me that chance arrive just after Christmas, a combination of the right amount of spare cash, coupled with a fantastic sale offer, lead to me being able to buy a new walking jacket, but its more than that, it’s the jacket I would have regardless of the amount of money I could spend, given millions I would still have chosen this one and what a buy it was. After all the hype getting the thing of your dreams can be a let down, but not this time, it does just what I want and looks cool as well, so a big thank you to the designers at The North Face for my new Nuptse jacket.

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Babooshka said...

Brilliant news. This is the kind of thing I'm interested in, bloggers working together. Feel free to post this n the Ramsey Daily Photo Facebook Group. I want that group to highlight blogs/website/ talent that slips under the radar. Make sure you post your own site on the wall.

Working on a project that may not be financially regarding but good publicity. If it works out I'll send you the details. Got to keep it quiet for now, but it would be ideal for you. I run out of adjectives to describe your work so today sensational.

Suburbia said...

Great to get your favourite thing!!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

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