Monday, January 12, 2009

Fun on a bun

Now that life has started to get back to normal after the holidays I am getting the opportunity to play with some of my toys, by toys I mean my thoughtful and serious presents. Top on the list, now don’t laugh, is a burger maker. I love to make my own burgers, but getting them all the same size and shape is a bit of a pain, we had seen this at Lakeland and I kept joking that I would want one and now I have. Like all the best gadgets it’s a really simple design, easy to used and does the job perfectly right from the off. I mixed up a large batch of meat to a recipe from one of Carolyn’s books and in 5 minuets had made 10 burgers, all perfect in size and shape, the 2 we cooked came out looking as good as when they went in the oven. Now all I need is some good burger recipes.
The photo today is of a stick covered in ice, not something I’ve seen very often, it goes to show just how cold it has been here lately.

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Babooshka said...

I had a slinky and a toy helicopter with remote so I can't deride your pressie. I have missed doing ice or snow images this year. None on both counts. Cracker as always.

travelling, but not in love said...

Nice stick...good shot.

My Mom bought me the Jamie Oliver 'how to cook' book - with the 'now anyone can cook' line...I think I cook quite well. She obviously thinks otherwise...

Suburbia said...

Wow that is so beautiful!

(not the burger obviously!)

Sunny said...


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