Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter love

Its foggy cold and wet, my only reason to move from my warm desk is the fact I have to take Kep back to the vets. Its only for a check up just to see how his pads are improving as he has been on the tablets for over a month, but we are already seeing an improvement not just in his pads but his whole attitude, its like having a young dog again, he’s even started to get into trouble, something an old respectable dog never would.
Today’s photo was a grab shot, taken while out walking just after New Year, it was a cold but bright day and as the couple neared the top of the road I notice their shadow creating a lovely composition.

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Henry the Dog said...

That's a lovely photo. Are there any photos of your dog? What type is he? What's wrong with his pads?

Henry the Dog said...

Thanks for that link to your Kep, he is certainly a handsome chap. Mum's not surprised he was a difficult pup and neither am I, that type of breed normally needs about 100 hours exercise a day:) You must be fit folk!

Emmie said...

Im glad kep is feeling better!

I love this photo, its beutiful x

Laura Jayne said...


Thank you for your recent comment on my blog. I was thrilled as it allowed me to know your wonderful photography.

I wanted to extend the invitation to participate in my Pictures, Poetry & Prose project ( as I am constantly seeking beautiful, unique, special photos for the site. That is part of the joy of it, all the different voices of the writers and the unique eyes of the photographers. If you would be interested in submitting, if at any time you would like to participate with a photo or two (or more) that you believe would make a good post for a day I would be thrilled to welcome your work to the site.
I think we all can share and inspire each other in such positive ways. It is one of the joys of the Internet.

I can offer no payment, but can of course link back to your site, which I do hope as this project continues to grow would be a benefit.

There is a bit more info on this page of the site -

If you are interested you could email me here the images for me to consider, or, as some have found easier, give me permission to peruse your site and use what strikes me from your images here.

I look forward to hearing back from you should you wish to share your amazing work on my site and inspire writing with your images. I also invite you to share your writing voice at the site by posting when ever you are moved.

Laura Jayne

Sandi McBride said...

Ah, true love...wonderful shot. Thank you for coming by place Brett and leaving a comment. I'm wondering about your soon as I saw the word VET of course I was hooked...what happened with his feet? How old is he? Prayers for his swift and complete recovery so his life is joyful!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Brett, thank you for finding me - I love your blogs and will certainly keep up with the digital photography hints and tips - My son is really into photography, and I am keen to do much better.

Your earlier blog mentioned Compare the Meerkat - I just adore that advert, and here is my match,

Absolutely fabulous, I can't believe they actually created a website - Clever marketing!

All the best,


Suburbia said...

Nice romantic pic.

Glad Kep is on the mend.

Kendie said...

This is a lovely shot. I really like it. It captures so much more than an image.

SusieSue said...

Great to see everyone's so interested in Kep, and good news he's getting along well.

Maybe your next year of `blogging` should be written by Kep, or at least from his perspective - and I bet photos from his perspective of the world(but via your camera) would be very different.

Keep up the good work - I visit every day to see your latest pics and words of wisdom.

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