Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Its dark, cold, wet and yak! So I’m taking the opportunity to do house work, only joking, I’m spending my time going over some of the shots taken earlier in the month to see if I missed any really good ones. That’s one of the problems with digital photos you just take so many shots that you have no time to really look at them. Take this month, during a normal January if I was shooting on slide film I would shoot maybe 2 or 3 films, around a 100 shots. This would cost me around £30. This month, given that it’s been quite poor weather, I’ve shot over 600 images; this would have cost me around £160. But the down side is I have lots of images that I have hardly looked at and as I shoot the images unprocessed by the camera, any I do look at need tweaking before they can be used. So today I’ve rescued 3 images that would in all probability have slipped through my fingers, if it had not been such a bad day out side.
Today the picture comes from just down the hill from here on the local canal. This small stretch always seems to get good light and as its only ¼ of an hours walk away is well placed if I need some fresh air.

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Michaela said...

Hahaha. No house work? Really?

Why do you get to live in such a beautiful place that is like a fantasy land and I'm stuck in, ugh, Langley?

Suburbia said...

A positive spin on crap weather!!!

monqiue said...

I love the color of the reflection in the water, so blue, so wonderful!

Babooshka said...

My kind of shot, I have become a little obsessed with reflections. The plug for the new blog is in my post tonight.

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