Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo coures is go

My new project is finally off the ground, I’ve put the first part of my photography course onto my other blog. This is by way of an introduction to the whole thing and hopefully sets the tone for what follows. There are lots of places on line that you can go to to learn about photography, so my aim with this project is to try and remove the snobbery and mystery that seems to surround photography, while helping people get more out of taking pictures. This may be seen as doing myself out of a job, if everyone can do it why employ someone else, on the contrary, the more people appreciate the effort behind a good photo, the more they will value it. The one problem with doing the course on the blog is that it shows the most recent post first, so the start is at the end! As I’ve said this is an introduction, I will try to make the lessons self contained so that people can just use what they need as and when it is needed.

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Lola said...

OK, I'd better get over there! One more thing added to the looooooong list of Things To Do When The Exams Are Finished.

Sunny said...

Congrats on your project take-off!
Love the picture

aims said...

Ooooooh! I'm very excited. Bought a new camera because of you and few others. Would LOVE to learn some basic tricks of the trade.

Thanks Brett!

Babooshka said...

About time too, Sensai.

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