Thursday, June 5, 2008

All keyed up

The weather is again, fantastic. So today has found me yet again crawling around in the wet grass, photographing the fox cubs. As they have gotten a bit older they are a lot more timid and harder to surprise, so the shots don’t look as good as the last batch, but I will keep trying. Mum was with the cubs again today so that could be one of the reasons they were a bit less playful, it is the first time, that I can remember that I have seen a family like this survive over such a long period, normally one or more of the cubs would have vanished, but they all seem in very good health. The picture for today is another of the shots taken round the house on Tuesday, this one was taken in our dinning room.

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Mmm, yes the weather has been lovely. Hate all the flying midgies around my garden though. It makes a quiet afternoon in the sun pretty hard lol!
Hope you enjoyed your day, I made the best of mine. Lucky, since it's gonna be about minus 450 tomorrow lol!


Lola said...

Dunno why, you just take pictures I like. Keep doing it, won't you?

babooshka said...

Great close up. It's funny how yiu cancome up with interesting shots when boredom or inclement weather force our hand.

Totally Aimless is a poor Kate Bush.
I'm sorry that just came out,but it wa festering away since I her name.
I will hit myself with twigs for being rude on your blog.

The D in D & T said...

I'm really enjoying your around the house series. It's amazing how incredible everyday objects can look when you really notice them.

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