Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bohinj panorama

I love holidays but trying to catch back up with a whole week of your life after you get back is very hard. I’ve still not read all the blogs I normally visit, I’ve not answered any of the comments on this blog(sorry I will get round to it), I’ve still not finished processing all the holiday photos (around 1500 shots for the week) and I’ve got lots to do in my green house(things just keep growing). On top of this I have to go back to work! So today’s picture, this is a view of the whole of lake Bohinj and its surrounding mountains, starting from the left you can see the ski hotel and ski lift, right near the top of the ridge, in the valley you have the church and just to the left of it the big building is the hotel Bohinj. Photos for later in the week to come from the ski lift and the field near the church.

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travelling, but not in love said...

looks amazing.

babooshka said...

Again, such a beautiful view. Visiting and commenting is a nightmare, which is one I'm doing a job lot today. I don't beat myself up about it now. Your photography comes first, you leave the comments to others.

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