Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Cup Runneth Over

It’s sunny, there’s Bees and there’s fox’s cubs, it’s like buses, nothing for ages and then all at once. So with so much to do I will keep this short, first I’ve up dated the two videos, both well worth a look. Second I’ve added some more sites to my list, still more to come but it takes me ages to get round to that sort of thing, they are all places I visit on a regular basis, again well worth a look. Thirdly someone asked about the music, so here is an abridged version of an earlier post.

On my computer is around 43 days worth of music, Caz and me both had very good collections before we got together, sometimes the tracks are playing as I write, others because they mean something to me or another reader and some because they go with the post. The link at the bottom of the post with the music takes you to a site with videos, lyrics and information about the song. I’m working on a set of themed post at the moment about my favourite tracks, so watch this space.

Today’s picture was taken after yesterdays post, in my bath room! Sometimes looking at normal objects closely can reveal their beauty.

Now playing: Jem - Save Me
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Suburbia said...

Can't wait to read your music posts. Nice unusual pic!

Ashley said...

Glad the bees and fox cubs finally came out!
Creative, yet simple picture. I like it.

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