Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bohinj rhapsody

God was giving land to people and as he finished he realized that he had forgotten about a small group of people, who were silent and didn't hustle like the others. Because of their modesty and patience he felt pity for them. That is why he decided to give them the most beautiful land of them all, which he had spared for himself. It's called Bohinj.

This is the local legend about the place where we stayed, and it could well be true, it has got to be one of the most beautiful lands you could find. We stayed at the hotel Bohinj (pronounced Bok-hin) great hotel, very clean, great staff, but the food could have been better. Bohinj is not a town but a collection of valleys containing around 24 villages, with the lake as the focal point and what a focal point it is. The whole place is a photographers dream, glass clear water, alpine meadows teeming with wild flowers, towering mountains and deep green forests. The photo for today is of the lake and I’ve not touched it, the colour is as it was when I took the picture, you can even see fish in the water.

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Yeah it is really beautiful... So much better than what we get here. I'd want to live there, only it looks a little isolated. I still need my urban utopia!


babooshka said...

This is really is a stunner. We don't have lakes here.Evryone I know who has been the way always comments on the clean air, it certainly looks unpolluted.

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