Monday, June 23, 2008

Bled, wet

I’ve just got back from a wonderful week’s holiday in Slovenia, so that is why I’ve not been replying to all the comments left last week, this I will try to do during this week. If you happen to be one of the bloggers I read, and were wondering why you were getting lots of hits from Slovenia that was me, free internet in the hotel bar! The one draw back was the key board, the Z&Y were reversed and there was no @ that I could find, so if I commented on your blog I hope this now makes sense.

So Slovenia, what was it like? My impression before I went was that it would be a poor third world feeling, grey ex communist hole. The people would be dull and the accommodation sub standard and the whole place would be run down. I would love to say I was right, then no one would go and spoil one of the finest places on the planet, its is beautiful, unspoilt, colourful, vibrant and peopled with the nicest citizens you could hope to meet, a least the part we stayed at and the places we visited. The country was one of the most civilised that I have visited (like England in respect to the way things feel, but way cleaner!) and everyone seemed to speak English, which was good as Slovenian is unlike any language I have come across. More tomorrow on where we stayed but for today’s picture is from the town of Bled, taken in the rain but still a beautiful place.

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babooshka said...

Ah that explains the z's. The same is
in Nice, where the internet cafe keyboards tend to be throw up symbols for letters. Beautiful dreamy pic. A part of the world I have always wanted to go to, so look forward to your thoughts and any pics you upload on the place.

Wonderful life. Forgotten all about that one, so nice to here again.


Ooh, it sounds alright. You think Slovenia's keyboards have problems? You should see mine! No pound sign, the " and @ are mixed around, no equals sign, no percentage... I don't know why I don't buy a new one!!

It's good to have you back!



Suburbia said...

That looks a beautiful place, can't wait to see more.

The D in D & T said...

so beautiful, and tranquil looking. it's nice when the places we go are better than what we expected.

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