Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a big lens you've got!

I’ve had lots of comments over the past few weeks regarding the close up shots and what equipment I use, both of these subjects I will try to cover on the other blog as they will take time and in the case of the close up work some photos to really do them justice, but a quick word on the kit I use may be helpful.

I’m not rich, in fact I spend very little on camera equipment, last year was the first time I brought a new camera and also the first time I brought a new lens, up to then I had always brought second hand or had them as gifts. Having worked in a camera shop I can guarantee you that buying the most expensive camera or lens will not instantly make you a good photographer, in fact having to struggle with inadequate kit could help you improve quicker, it makes you work and think harder. All my lenses are budget ones, even the Nikon’s, and the quality of the image is very rarely, if ever, damaged because of this. If I had the top end, ultra fast, prime lenses; I don’t think that I would have as many images, as the weight would put me off carrying them all day, and that’s the main point, it’s not the kit that is important it is where you get it and what you do when you get there. Quality kit is nice (any gifts would not be turned down) but at the end of the day it has to be in your hand at the right moment and in the right place, to take the shot, its where you get to with the kit that will always have the most bearing on the photo, everything else just improves your chance of getting a better shot.

This weeks photos are a case in point, all could have been taken on most cameras, in such a pretty place you could not fail to get good images, you just had to be there with a camera.

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babooshka said...

Totally agree with the commentary of this post. I too relied on gifts and relatily happy with the lenses I have presently. I have a wish list, but not for now. You absolutley need the setting as you've proved. Best tip I ever had was get a decent bag. I have found this invalueable. Life can be chaos around me, but the bag stays organised, clean and ready to go.
The light on your hols looks wonderful as do the images. Very enjoyable collection.

girl with the mask said...

I knew you must have a massive lens. I had a feeling.

Suburbia said...

Great Title!

The D in D & T said...

really helpful post. i just have a little compact and you've made me feel better. least now i can let go of my camera envy. that's something. :)

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