Friday, June 27, 2008

Sweet Ljubljana

As a follow on to yesterdays post today’s picture was not taken on my Nikon D80, it was taken on an old Olympus MJU zoom digital compact. This is a great camera for taking places that you don’t want to be cluttered up with kit, in this case Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, it’s small, quick to use, well protected and weather proof, just right for travelling round a city and getting all the touristy type shots. Just because it a compact does not have to mean that it won’t take good shot or that you will be unable to create striking images, I had to hold it in one hand over a hell of a drop to get this shot, something I would not have done with the Nikon, again it’s down to where you get the camera that counts.

The shot is inside the castle in Ljubljana, inside a double spiral staircase, one going up, one going down, taken looking down from very near the top. The image has then had all the colour taken out except for the red, just to improve the feel, I have also cropped it slightly as I think the image looked better nearly square.

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Suburbia said...

What do you use to take out the colour? Photoshop? And what do you call that process? (If you don't mine me asking!)

Brett said...

I use lightroom as it gives me the option of taking out colours one at a time, (red orange yellow green blue aqua mauve) it also controls saturation for each one and luminance , lots to play with. I think the general term would be de-saturation.

Suburbia said...

Thanks! I'd love to have a go at this one day myself.

The D in D & T said...

this is amazing!

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