Friday, June 6, 2008

Work. Ha!

An early post today as the boss is home and she will expect a quota of real work from me today. Its not that I’m lazy (well I am but that’s not the point) it’s that what I call work and what Caz calls work are two different things. Take, taking picture, I see that as hard work: where as Caz see it as recreation, or baking cakes, Caz see this as work: but I see it as recreation (both cooking and eating). Still I suppose that it is the differences that have helped us survive nearly 21 years together, if we had been both of the same mind we would have a spotless house, lots of money or lots of fun, no money and live in a card board box, depending on whose personality we took. As it is I’m the little voice that tell Caz we should spend some money (normally frivolously) and she is the voice that shouts loudly that I should tidy up (most of the time, and rightly so).

So before I get to work here is the last of my, round the house shots, this was taken in the kitchen, and I feel that it has a painted look, rather like an old master, Rembrandt maybe?

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Survived? Oh well, nice pic anyway lol.


Anonymous said...

It almost looks like more of an expressionist thing...

girl with the mask said...

Sounds like The Boss is in full control!

Suburbia said...

that is very beautiful.

Ashley said...

Wow, 21 years. That's so great!
I love the colors in the picture.

babooshka said...

I have long since given up on the tidy household. An artist and a photographer is not a recipe for spick and span. Organised chaos is more the (non) order of the day.I have enjoyed the household series. There is a oil painting texture to this one. Not sure which painter i'd plump for though.

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