Saturday, June 21, 2008

Martha and the Muffins – Echo beach

Its not that this song reminds me of a place, person, time or even a feeling, its just that its the words that take me to a state of mind, I feel just like she does (don’t we all some times?). The image that she paints of trying to get through a bad day by thinking yourself into a beautiful place, well I’m a dreamer and a romantic and spend far too much of my time doing that, I will sometime surprise myself by finding that I’m at my desk and not on top of a mountain somewhere, don’t you just love to daydream.

This is the last of the songs for a bit, but I’ve enjoyed writing about them and may well do some more if the fit takes me, hope you have enjoyed them.

Photo for today is the last of the patio shots as well.

Now playing: Martha And The Muffins - Echo Beach
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Cucumber Jones said...

Echo Beach is a great track. But it now appears that the Muffins are making a bold return to Danseparc; their 4th album, originally released in 1983. Danseparc is getting reissued in August as a 25th Anniversary Edition, digitally remastered with 3 bonus tracks. Check it out on my blog.

Suburbia said...

This would have to be one of my desert island discs! Happy weekend.


Ooh lovely pic. I've gotta go and cheack Martha and the Muffins out, they sound pretty good!


Ranger Faff said...


Hope you're OK and have enjoyed a really really good week on your patio!

Look forward to seeing even more pix - these have been spectacular and I'm sure any new ones will be equally so!

You've picked some pretty classic tracks all week, none more so than this one - which we youngsters of a certain age instantly recognise and love!

See you soon + lots of love from us both to you both!

R.F. + P.G. XX

babooshka said...

Anthem for depressives. I love this song and it's hopefullness(to me. Also note it has a great sax break. One for the jamjar there. Excellent marcos over the last few days.

wontletlifedefineme said...

Those colours are amazing! What kind of zoom lens do you use by the way, how far can you zoom in?

travelling, but not in love said...

Great track. An ex of mine wanted this song played at his funeral. Which I always found a bit odd.

But a great track and a great photo to go with it.

BTW, I've linked you in over at mine, hope that's ok with you?

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