Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hedged in

Saturday is usually what we call a dog day, a day to spend time as a family, normally walking with Kep. But sometimes work intrudes, as it will today, in the shape (or lack of it) of the hedges, I hate cutting the dam things. I don’t mind gardening as such but when it comes to cutting hedges I just hate it, it’s such a big job and takes me away from doing things I like on a day that would normally be mine to play with, and at the end of it they will grow back!

Today a picture taken in Ljubljana of the Tromstovje bridge, the city is lovely, very small and easy to walk round, clean as you could get and the locals seem very laid back. This Bridge is in what seem like the main center of the city and was just like the rest of the place, clean and smart looking, but for this very out of place graffiti, it was so random I had to take the picture.

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1 comment:

Suburbia said...

Great photo of graffiti.
Semms hedge cutting is a little like housework, boring, and ultimatly pointless!

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