Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bones and lace

How do you approach a beautiful girl, no I’m not asking for dating tips, this is a rhetorical question regarding approaching someone to model for you. As I’ve said before we have had no formal portraits on here yet and I’ve been casting my eye around looking for someone to photograph, and I’ve found her!

But how do you approach a girl you’ve never spoken too and ask can I take your picture, without it sounding like, I’m a pervert, can I take your picture in you underwear or less (end the statement with a manic chuckle and some drooling). Well after weeks of hesitation I finally plucked up the courage. To set the scene, this girl has flame red hair, is tall, strikingly beautiful and works not too many desks away from me, I learned her name and yesterday as she was passing I approached her and introduced myself and just said something like I’m a photographer and would like her to model for me ( no chuckle or drooling or mention of underwear and trusting that she would not start screaming the office down).

Her reply was, well unexpected to say the least; she said she would love too and that she designed clothing that she would like to be photographed wearing, the clothing in question, corsets! She gave me a link to a site that had some images on of her in the corsets and now I’m more nervous then before because those shot are really very good and I’m quite rusty in the portrait department.

Today the image is one I’m more comfortable taking, a nice quiet church that has no ability to comment that I’ve not captured it’s best side, this is Normanton Church, in Rutland.

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travelling, but not in love said...

Ha! Be careful what you wish for....

And Smooth Operator indeed - well chosen music for this post!!!

Gemma said...

Surfing this morning and came across your blog. Enjoying your photography. Quite sure you'll get stunning photos of her!

Daryl said...

Traveling, but not in love recommended your blog ... and he's right its wonderful .. I especially like that photo ... what did you do to it?

And I have had the experience of being asked if I would model ... I ended up marrying the man behind the lens!


babooshka said...

Smooth operator, thats just too cheesy! It sounds like you have picked the perfect model, or perhaps she chose you? Kismet no doubt, the clothing line thrown in. It's good to photograph outside one's comfort zone.

As for the pic, that's an interesting little folly, all gothic and mysterious.

Suburbia said...

Yep, be careful what you wish for indeed!!

Sounds perfect, obviously 'meant to be'!

thehappymisfit said...

wow! this photo is stunning :)

smooth operator :) :)

Louise said...

TBNIL sent me. Funny post. Did you make a "date?"

Ranger Faff said...

Cracking pic, Brett - of a place that's become very special to me (and, touchingly, to a few generations before me).

And Babooshka - you're right about the 'interesting' but not about the 'folly'; the actual truth about Normanton Church is fascinating and poignant in equal measure. It is (was) an actual church, and there's a big clue in the fact that only the top is now visible above the water.

babooshka said...

Not a folly, now that has got be going. Thank you ranger for the enlightenmnet. I will go and educate myself about this place. Love to learn something new, so thankks.

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