Saturday, July 19, 2008

Clean and pure, again

I hate computer viruses, the one that had infected my pc was called winspyware and pretended to be a warning about spyware on my pc, recommending me to buy a removal program costing $160, made according to a number of sites by the maker of the virus. All the time I was on line pop ups and warning kept flashing to try to make me buy the software. After scanning with 3 spyware removal programs (all free of the net) I’ve finally got my pc back. One whole day with out my pc, still it could have been worst, I’ve still got all my photos and data. Here is a link to the site I got the two removal programs from just in case any of you suffer the same thing,

Any other ideas for free spyware removal greatly accepted.

Today photo is of boats on Rutland water, I just loved the graphic pattern and subtle color.

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tawnee said...

I love your photography! Its great! Do you own birds, because they are soo upclose or do you have a changeable lens?? Oh,, one more question,, How did you post your photography on your blog? I Think your doing excellent blogging ang reading if you have a learning disability! I have 2 sons that have disabilities with reading and writting.Good Luck!!

Sarla said...

Excellent photography !!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!

Blogger said...

I have been using AVG protection for many years, and I'd recommend this Anti virus to everyone.

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