Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love the words you send to me

Moved teams at work, and although I miss the old team (well some of them) it quite exciting having to get to know new people, well when I say new that only accounts for a couple of them, the others have been in the same department as me for some time, but due to the nature of the work I’ve just not got to know them as well as I should. As I have said it’s exciting, but I hate change, I get very stuck in my ways and really dislike having my cosy little world shaken up, especially for no apparent reason, but still you take the money and put up with it. On a lighter note Caz is back from London in one piece and is putting right all the damage caused by me and Keps bachelor lifestyle yesterday, it’s great to be under the thumb again.

An arty photo for today, I just love the graphic nature of the shot and think it works well in black and white. These wood piles were around all the houses in Bohinj and give you the impression that the winters will be long and cold.

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The D in D & T said...

Brilliant - love this photo, reminds me of the village we escape to every chance we get.

And I'm with you on the change thing. I hate it. :)

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