Monday, July 14, 2008

How is that?

I’ve been away for the weekend, back down to sunny Rutland and contrary to popular opinion that was not a sarcastic comment, it really was sunny! For the first time in what seems weeks we had hot sunshine, I even had shorts on, in public, in England, in July!! The best way to describe where we stayed would be to say Midsummer, with out the murders. The 2 days really helped to recharge my batteries, Sandra, Trevor and Sam doing everything possible to make it the perfect weekend, I even got to spend the afternoon flying my kite, with the only interruption being Sandra coming out with Coke and cookies (and a ½ bottle of Vodka), a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. The following afternoon was spent just yards from her garden gate watching the village cricket team, again interrupted by Sandra bringing out home made hot chocolate brownie and home made chocolate ice cream (brownie by Trevor and ice cream by Caz). The photo was taken when I managed to tear myself away from the food, a perfect weekend in every way.

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Mmm.... chocolate ice cream. I don't think I would have been able to tear myself away from the food to take the picture. Maybe I would've just hidden in the corner and eaten where no one else could see that I was being a pig lol!


Ranger Faff said...

Lovely shot, Brett. Unlike the batsman's... I remember I used to bat like that :-)

It takes everyone to make a weekend that perfect - so thank you all too!

I need a kite! (thank you :-)

If Death by Chocolate goes well maybe you can come to us again for another one - and then it will truly be Murder in Midsomer!

Looking forward to seeing whichever pix you deem worthy from the weekend!

See you soon! And thanks again!

Anonymous said...

"Let's go fly a kite,
Up to the highest height".....or maybe even off a neighbours chimney! Lol!

Never lose the big kid inside - that's what makes life fun (along with ice-cream and chocolate of course!)

Great weekend, lots of fun, lots of unexpected surprises "If you go down to the woods today..." ;-) Lol, still singing tunelessly and smiling to myself!

The D in D & T said...

oh my cricket!!!!!!!

you've brought a slice of australia to athens with this one :)

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