Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's a Darlek, no sorry, it's a Mouse

Well after yesterday excitement I will write what I was going to write yesterday, today. There was a piece on TV about a study that had been done that came to the conclusion that children could identify aliens more often than they could our native wild life, it said that faced with a picture of a magpie and a picture of a Dalek, more children could identify the Dalek . What crap, this proves nothing, if you asked what’s this, and shows them the magpie, and they say, “It’s a bird” then that right, unless you want the child to tell you what make and type of Dalek it is, then you could expect them to categories the type of bird as well. These sort of stupid studies that grab the newspapers attention really wind me up, nearly as much as the news programs that take a very one sided view of consumer issues, all call centers are bad, all banks hate their customers, all door to door sellers are the devil incarnate, crap, crap, crap (although the one about the door to door sellers might be right). I’m sure that most of this poor quality news coverage is down to the fact that there is just too much space for them to fill, 24 hour news channels, Internet news papers and the like, we have all heard of a slow news day, but what if the rest of the world has speeded up and the news is just not quick enough to fill the gap, is the crap just going to get more and more?

Picture today is not an Alien, it’s a mouse.

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Katney said...

It is a very charming mouse in this image. It looks so sweet gazing out at you , checking to see what you are about.

And I have no idea what a Dalek is.

Katney said...

Okay, got it. Wikipedia filled me in. We have only recently discovered Dr. Who and have watched part of the first season from Netflix.

Lily Hydrangea said...

absolutely adorable! I can't wait to share this with my son.

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