Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out to lunch

A brief mention of corsets and people flood to the site, what does that say about the internet? On the model front, talks are progressing, the major drawback for me is that as a photographer I’m not very creative, I can see a good shot out of a scene in front of me, but I have great difficulty in manufacturing a photo in my head and then creating it. So beautiful model, fantastic clothes, but until I get it all together and start shooting I’m not sure how it will turn out.

Now a small rant, women who drive 4x4’s and people carries, I known that may include some of you and obviously this is not aimed at you, I’m sure you know just how wide you are (the vehicle that is) and that you can reverse in a strait line or round a corner (which ever is needed at the time, not just what happens when you hit the gas). I have to drive round our small town during the day, when the women that lunch are about, and i am forever getting delayed by their inability to fit their vehicle through gaps or into parking spaces or out of parking spaces or that if they can’t find a space they just stop where they are and get out! Even more annoying is the fact that they think that they have a god given right to park in mother and child spaces, even when the child is 10 miles away in the local school, or worst parking in the disabled spaces as they are closer to the shops and have more room to get in and out of. Is it a case of a large vehicle compensating for a small life?

The image for to day, a tranquil shot of a bee flying over lavender.

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travelling, but not in love said...

I just hate big cars, full stop.

No need for them, and certainly no need for the tanks that currently are taking over our streets - the big super-deluxe 4x4's. Polluting, evil status symbols.

And, to be frank, I've always been very happy with the size of my penis so I've never really needed a big car...

Anonymous said...

You sound like somebody that does not have any children and how can your local school be 10 miles away, just a thought.Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

That's why I've got a VW Polo - easy to park!

aims said...

Is it a case of a large vehicle compensating for a small life?

What a great line!

And now you have me wondering....(fortunately I drive a small car but I've been known to park a 50seater bus as close to the curb as is possible - and not by mistake either)

Ranger Faff said...

OMG! It's the VW Polo Appreciation Society!

PG and I say small cars rule!!! :-)

Suburbia said...

Hey I have a small car and hate big gass guzzlers driven by women OR very inconsiderate men. One man nearly took the front end off mine the other day just because he could.

The D in D & T said...

i hate big cars too. specially in athens. i agree with you. big car compensates for small life.

love the lavender!


I have a tiny car - but then people think it is a good idea to try and be a bully to me on the road just because I have a little car and try to bash into me with their 4x4s. They don't even look when I'm reversing out of the parking space or they'll shout abuse.
People are weird when they're like that. Maybe that's why I HATE driving, but do it because it has to be done.


Anonymous said...

What a load of class A pricks comment on this blog
If this is what inspires you pack it in its so shallow

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