Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here comes the bride

Meet Louise, the bride, I have to say that the picture just does not do her justice, there was a glow about her that I think would be impossible to capture in a photograph. Another reason I don’t do wedding photos, sometimes there’s more to a photo than you can contain in a frame. Louise smiled, from the moment she climbed out of the car to my last sight of her as we left the party, she smiled, not the pasted on look you see on some brides, but the smile of true happiness. The only time she was not smiling was when she was laughing; she just drifted through the day in a glowing bubble of joy. You just cannot capture that with a camera, the pictures are just a aid to the memory of a wonderful day.

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Nice. Sometimes brides are so fake. If I ever get married (note the definite IF) I don't want to act false. Good on her, send her my best wishes!


Peter said...

Wow - what a wonderful photo! You have captured the essence of her completely! But, as you say, a photo can only capture so much - but this one says so much too!


babooshka said...

Perfect song for the image.She really is as brides are supposed to be glowing, and so feminime Fantastic natural portrait. I point blank refuse to do weddings, but I'm thinking of relenting. It would have to me my way, as natuaral as can be, genuine smiles, and those little moments aside that only photographers see. Gary Painted his first ever wedding portrait this week. Not really our thing,but the bride gets to say it'paitned by the BBC Political cartoonist and we get to slap and extra £100 for the name. Think I could blag an extra £50 for being his partner and doing wedding pics.! Er no.

NewlyWed07 said...

As a newlywed, I appreciate your comments about a bride -- I didn't stop smiling from the moment I woke up that day... Funny, now, it's 9 months later and it's not always all smiles -- I'm blogging about it... may you'd find it quite amusing -- Love your photos :)

tia said...

i love this pic..
its show happiness..
wish that someday..
i could use your service..
its so natural..

Faye said...

wow, you take very beautiful pictures. the one of the bride and groom looking out form the church. is just amazing. now, i know anyone could have takena a picture like that, but not everyone would choose that one to point out or show, its so .. nice. the way the light comes in, and the way it dances, and how it goes down her back. just beautiful! i love it. if only i could have had you at MY wedding, maybe i would have been able to see it the way you see things. very good. and keep it up thanks for having the eye.

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