Friday, August 29, 2008

1000's shades of green

Yesterday’s photo got a couple of comments about the merit between black and white and colour. As I now shoot on digital all my shots are in colour (I never use the black and white setting on the camera as it just as easy to redo on the computer and a lot harder trying to get the colour back if you shoot using it) so when I get home I have the option of how I display the image. The reason for going B&W on this image was simply that it looked too similar to the days before image and I knew that the contrast in the sky would work really well in B&W. I do find that buildings sometimes go better in B&W; I think it’s the graphic nature of them and that landscapes work better in colour, at least sometimes. The artistic freedom that digital brings me has let me try more differing approaches to my work, I would never have set up my dark room just to see how a shot would look in B&W if I already had it in colour and all of the colour effects on the B&W shots could be done the traditional way, but who has the time? Today a colourful tree, just to keep M happy.

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babooshka said...

I agree about just desaturating an image later rather than at time of shooting. I am not totally adverse to
photoshop. Knowing when an image is better colour or b&w definitely becomes clearer over time. The greens in this are just so lush, the textures so touchable and it has a many layered quality.

Why can't photographers just say I like it, which obviously I do.


I agree with only shooting in color due to the fact that you can have the choice of B&W or color thereafter.

The shot below looks like B&W served it great justice with the sky dark like it is and nice white puffy clouds. Kudos there!

Love the color one today, great tree shot with nice tonal ranges!!!

Michaela said...

Love your photo, first of all. I love how the green is so vibrant and it shoots out at you, like an arrow from a bow. Good job!

I love B&W, but you have to shoot in colour sometimes. I think B&W adds an incredible beauty to the picture, but life is in colour. There are so many beautiful, vibrant, eye-catching colours in this world that it would be a shame to only shoot in B&W.

Sunny said...

What a beauty!

wontletlifedefineme said...

It's gorgeous! I always love pictures of trees - it's almost as if each tree has its own character.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Now that's an exquisite tree and wonderful photograph.

Shelley said...

What a great tree! I don't miss them until I see a great pic of one.

Emmie said...

I love trees this one has so much character

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