Monday, August 11, 2008

I Can sea for miles

Fridays walk was one of the best days I’ve spent in the Lake District in a very long time. To start with the weather was perfect, a very difficult thing to expect during an English summer, then the fells were lovely, not to hard, but not safe either, lots of big drops to keep you awake. We both handled the walk with out too much pain, both during and the next day, and to top it off got lots of photos. The route took us from a car park on the Walna Scar Road, around the side of the old man of Coniston and then up to Goat water, where we had an early lunch. From there we headed up on to the ridge, between Dow crag and the old man of Coniston and we then turned left to the top of Dow crag. It is from here that the picture was taken, looking out over to the Isle of Man, which you can just see in the centre on the skyline.

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geelizzie said...


aims said...

Oh Wow!

Katney said...

I want to visit!

babooshka said...

That definitely has an oil painting feel. This is a compliment, something very Turner about this, and I love Turner.

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