Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bank holiday blues

Bank holiday’s, don’t you just love them, a whole day off work to do as you please. Well that’s the idea, but having had two good days we were both at a loss when Monday dawned bright and clear, so we hit the net to see what was happening close to. The result, nothing. Then we remembered that we had seen a sign for something called “Leek by the sea” so we raced up town to see what was going on, and found, a couple of wheel barrows full of sand had been dumped on one of the car parks and surrounded by stalls selling tit and tat, all for charity of course. The high light while we were there was the egg and spoon ¼ finals and the final of the glamorous granny. No wonder the town looks ready for the last person out to turn the light off. Still we managed to get the garden furniture oiled ready for the winter storage.

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Bank holidays are rubbish because you never get any good weather in them! I love the picture today, I always laugh when I see people wearing funny afro-styley wigs!

Scarlet x

babooshka said...

Just about sums up the Great British Bank Holiday. A real oxymoron.

You still managed to get a wonderful energetic, vibrant image.

Ps Mack The Knife for yesterday's post was perfect.

AKONI said...

Here's to hoping the next holiday is not so blue....good thing you are ahead on the "putting away of the furniture".

More time to enjoy the gorgeousness of autumn.

Emmie said...

ah great angle with this one

bank holidays can be great all thsoe sales and no busses to get to the stores! FAB!

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