Friday, August 1, 2008

Victim of my own success

Bandwidth! What on earth is bandwidth, and why am I exceeding it? This was my first thought on opening an email from Photobucket this morning. A quick read of their T&C’s clears it up, “Bandwidth is used when digital content is viewed from a link you have posted on another website”, “Free accounts are allowed 25GB of bandwidth per month. This is hundreds of thousands of images viewed via direct links and resets each month on the day you registered.”

So why am I running out, well each time my main page is viewed its 7 photos X the 11,000 views over last weekend adds up. So I’ve changed the page view to 2 until I can get it sorted.

The picture today is of another canal side house; this one is an original lock keepers cottage, complete with lock. This was just sold but I have no idea for how much for, but what a fantastic place to live, in my head I’ve already converted the out building in to a gallery and am selling cream teas to the passing boats.

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Sunny said...

It is a beautiful house indeed.

Like the posted photos by the way :)


Oh I never got a grasp of bandwidth when I had to learn about it a few years ago - total mess.

Nice pic, great song today as well.


Mr.HappyMan said...


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eNew Reference said...


Vic said...


This is a nice blog, definitly worth watching. I will put you on my "Things worth watching". Just don't steal the few readers I've got. :D

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Lovely, both the house and your mental images of cream tea and a gallery and everything.

darkman said...

Nice house.

Midnite Scrapper said...

Lovely picture, mmmm...cream tea and great song today. =]

Chris said...

Try using imageshack or picasa. If using picasa keep the photo sizes small so you don't exceed your allotted storage. imageshack has no size requirments but you don' get an "album" either.


chris said...

sorry for my typos above

wcgillian said...

Looks like a good place to go for some relaxation. The cream tea would be good as well.


rubberduckiemom said...

I would love to live in a place like that house! How amazing!

As for bandwidth, would you like for us to stop looking? Would that help? If so, stop taking such amazing photos!

Kickflips&CheeseDip said...

Very nice, you should look into how much it sold for.

Ellie said...

oh. how beautiful! :)

Nella said...

I want to be a lock keeper. I wish there were locks in the midwest! I could serve cinnamon rolls and coffee. Why didn't I know of such a job back when I was young???? Thanks for the great picture. Keep up the good work.

Michael Reid said...

Love the photos - on both sites.
Which part of Staffordshire are you from then?
Lived in the West Midlands for three years and seen a good bit of the surroundings. Lovely countryside round there.

RainbowMom said...

Beautiful house and I really enjoy your blog. :) Thanks for explaining what Bandwidth is! Peace.

babooshka said...

Be very carfeul exchanging links, is all I'll say. Bandwith isn;t the rwas deal here, it's the server itself.
Very picturesque natural image and the song is the perfect cure for the saturday blues.

bebek said...


Michaela said...

Absolutely beautiful. It looks like such a quiet, peaceful place. I wish I was there right now.

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