Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Write the wrong

In the end I did not go out to take some shots, I remembered at the last second (putting my boots on) that a man was delivering my new studio lights and said he could be arriving from 10am onwards, so I just did not have the time to go. Today things have changed, outside it is dry (well for the moment) but I am stuck at the computer doing a power point presentation for work. I known me at home doing something for work, but in this case it is something very worth while as a new position has been created and I am applying. The position is to help with the internal communication of the department and now having discovered I’m dyslexic (and not thick) I feel more able to attempt something of this nature, in the past I’ve let my inability to write stop me, but knowing that its not my fault has spurred me on to try to reach my potential

Today’s photo is another one in the set of shots of the tree that I am taking during the year.

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Suburbia said...

So great that you have discovered your dyslexia. Good luck with the application.
You may alredy know that there are government guidelines to guard against discrimination of dyslexic people in the workplace.


Good luck and if what Suburbia says is true then you can totally stop them from being discriminating - you don't deserve it anyway after all you've been through!

Scarlet x

boying said...

i like today's photo. the tree is alone, but the picture doesn't feel lonely. yet, it looks so serene.

Lisa B said...

Fantastic tree shot. Good luck with the application. I'm fed up with the rain too.

Ellie said...

Do not look at dyslexia like it is a barrier, but it is instead a wonderful new challenge! Also, the contrast in the picture is beautiful. I hope I am describing that correctly, because i am not a pro photographer. :D

Ranger Faff said...

That's great, Brett. Good luck! We'll be thinking of you and wishing you well. There's a huge amount of input and positivity you could bring to that particular table. Keep us posted.

Great pic. We feel like we know that tree so well now!


I have dyslexia, not so much anymore...but as a child it was bad. You will be fine, and get whatever you go for!

Beautiful photo of the tree, even if it isn't recent. Hope the studio lights came on time, and they are the perfect compliment to your photography.

babooshka said...

There are gudielines. CHECK THEM OUT NOW!

You are certainly no thickie.

Beautiful silhoutted tree against that lush blue sky. It is not alone surrounded by your world of wonderful images.

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