Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Show me the money!

No joy in the photo competition unfortunately, I got through to the last 5 but missed out by a whisker, thank you to all that voted.

Spent yesterday shooting photos for a set of images about places that mean something to me, I will hopefully post these next week. I find that setting challenges like this keeps me focused on producing work I would normally never do.

I’m going to add some more sites to my highly recommended list, I have been visiting them for some time but have not got round to updating the list, sorry. Also going to try an Adsense ad in place of one of the videos, don’t known how this will work but as the photo fund has a negative balance at the moment I’ll give it a go (Just added it and thinks it looks ok, now I known what they are I will click on them on other blogs).

Picture today taken over the weekend looking out over the local moorland.

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Rachel said...

I wish we had landscapes like that around here.

Suburbia said...

How come you had blue sky last weekend?!! That's not fair, although maybe I do remember seeing just a little bit here.

Ellie said...

it just came to me: ur pics belong in a calendar.

aims said...

Oh - My!

babooshka said...

I hate photography comps. Have you seriously ever known the best image win? I bet the winner doesn't have the following you have anyway, or such a gorgoues landscape.

Blogger said...

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