Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High and free

Following on from yesterdays post I will complete the walk from where we left off, on the top of Dow crag. Once we had finished enjoying the fantastic view we headed back the way we had come, down to the ridge between Dow crag and the old man of Coniston and up the other side, stopping for lunch on Brim fell before going on to the top of the old man of Coniston. This top differed from the last two in the respect that it was covered with tourist, where as so far we had just met fellow walkers. What’s the difference you ask; well a walker in the contexts of these hills is some one who normally has the correct equipment, knows what they are doing and where they are (mostly, being a keen walker I will admit to leaving important items of kit in the car, or even at home, I will also admit to making decisions that seem good at the time and of misplacing myself on a number of occasions). A tourist on the other hand will be poorly equipped, wearing vest tops and trainers on a mountain top (think warm sunshine to freezing rain in ¼ of an hour, with the nearest shelter 2 hour away), they won’t known how to get off the mountain in low cloud (falling 100s of feet does not count) and they only known where they are as they have followed a path from a car park and its stopped going up. Luckily for us the bulk of the tourists stay near the main tops leaving us to roam the fells in relative peace. Picture today of tourists and walkers sharing the view on the top of the old man of Coniston.

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Amanda said...

I have really enjoyed your site and have a daily photo site of my own. Your photos are awesome!! Photography is one of my passions. I am a photographer for a Land and Ranch company which can be boring but I manage to get my good shots. I always look for something to photograph where ever I go and am never disappointed.

Mal said...

i enjoy viewing your photographs and the stories behind them. I'm trying to get into photography and have recently just came back from Scotland where i took some real nice scenic shots of the landscape. I need advice though on how to improve my shots.

I'll keep returning for some more great photography


Hmm... nice... I still think that I'm struggling when it comes to taking pictures of people. They all notice me. Do you have a spy camera or something!?

Scarlet x

Suburbia said...

great choice of music title!!

Kris said...

It looks crowded up there.

Ellie said...

oh! soo pretty! real life: live, in the flesh.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I love traveling and hate being called a "tourist," but that's just the way it goes. These folks pictured seem relatively benign and I'm glad you had a nice time in the fells with them. Apparently, none fell off. That's a good thing.

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