Friday, August 22, 2008

The long view

A bit of a late post today as the pressure of work has kept me away from the computer. By work I really mean a training course, and what a course that was. Today we learned how to write letters the ‘company way‘, for those of you that don’t know me I work for a leading company that is always in the fore when it comes to new ideas and processes. They are the only company I have worked for that really seems to care what the customer thinks and feels; and it is that spirit that the letter format has been developed. On the whole the changes are very good, being aimed at reducing jargon and personalising the letters. But (and you knew there would be one) they have reduced some of the punctuation to make the letters more accessible and slicker, I’ve only just grasped the value of the semi-colon and friend and now they appear to be nearly obsolete. I know that most young people are having trouble writing full words these days, but is it really time to bin punctuation? Just checking my post and a lot of them already seem to have quietly kill off the comma, what’s next the question mark[ ].

The picture for what’s left of today is a view taken when we had a summer, one day in July, and is a view over Cheshire from the last bit of high ground in Staffordshire (at that point, there are other bits scattered around)

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Ellie said...

wow. have u ever taken a picture that wasn't flawless?!

aims said...

I let out a little sigh when I scroll down to your pictures. Every single time. Why is that?!

(so a question mark and an exclamation point together are a no-no...right?!)

Mo said...

.,:;!? I'll put all my punctuation at the beginning to get it out of the way. Great photo. I think I might remember that summer. Just!

Suburbia said...

I hate punctuation because I assume everyone else can do it right but me!?*&""!)

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