Saturday, August 16, 2008

Top dog

One of my pictures has gotten through to the final 20 of an on-line photo competitions (238 picture entered in total) and if you get a moment i would appreciate a vote, This is the picture and this is the link to the competition.

He’s back, after a few weeks rest Kep has agreed to be photographed for the blog, obviously aware of his media profile he had decided that he was getting too much exposure and needed time out of the spot light, sticking to that old show biz maxim, leave them wanting more. This was shot last weekend down at Chatsworth house, Kep looking regal, if a bit wet as he had just been dragged out of the river, a real top dog.

Another swimmer that is on top of the world today is 19-year-old Rebecca Adlington, our new 2x gold medal winner and new world record holder, I known chances of her seeing this are slim but I just wanted to offer my congratulations on her achievement and tell her she has made us all very proud.

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lucy said...

What a stunning animal...not to mention the talent of the photographer!

Shelley said...

Great dog pic.
I am amazed at how similar the climate and terrain seem to be compared to our Arctic home on Baffin. Hopefully you enjoy a milder winter.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Wow! An almost "epic" photo! Good boy, Kep, good boy! It's got MY vote.

Rachel said...

He's beautiful and actually sitting still. Awesome picture. It feels very epic.

dave said...

I like this. I always try to get my pet to sit still so I can snap off some shots, but it just isn't quite the same with a hamster.

Ellie said...

Such a beautiful creature.

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