Thursday, August 14, 2008

On the ropes

I had been looking forward to the ½ way point post for so long that once it was written I felt a little deflated, much as I hate having to work to a dead line (or work at all according to Caz) I am now thinking about this project coming to an end, which is quite depressing. Still the wonderful comments from yesterday picked me up no end and I’m eager for the coming months. The big question is what will happen at the end, on this site I have now got a steady flow of people and it would be silly to abandon the thing totally, so I’m thinking that it may carry on after my birthday in February but in a different form, probably posting pictures and writing only when I’ve got something to say or show, rather than the constant pressure of daily postings.

On to today’s picture, another shot from the mine at Coniston, I loved this place full of interesting bits and pieces, lots of scope for a photographer and set in the middle of wonderful countryside. No apologies for using this technique again as I love the effect and it works so well when you have 2 contrasting colours in the scene, as before I have just de-saturated the blue in the slate and highlighted the orange in the rusty wire and boosted the contrast over the whole image, all done in Lightroom.

One of my first ever records!
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JLD said...

Don't stop! I got hooked just last week, as I started trying to post daily a month ago, and it's rough. (Mine has a picture accompanying every page as well, but I'm trying to do a picture for the day's activities, so it's unnecessary pressure on myself, for sure!)

I'm from Illinois, by the way, where we have no scenery like you, so I'm heading up to Wisconsin tomorrow! :-)

You can check out my photos at, but they aren't anywhere NEAR your quality! (Oh, and I loved visiting your photo website as well - Thank you!)
-Joy D.

plg said...

I agree - don't stop. You are an inspiration. I tried to do the 365 but life really got in the way this year (my dad died & my camera broke).....anyways. I love your work & you push me.
As for where I live - don't let the Monterey pic fool you. I was there on vacation in June. I actually live in Michigan, but we still have great light & great beaches!

dave said...

it's more of a recounting of my short stay in NZ told in the first person, present tense. sadly i won't be making any trip to NZ anytime soon. i wish i could though...

Lola said...

I do hope you carry on. I enjoy seeing the photos, and there's always something interesting to accompany them.

Princess Pointful said...

I adore the colour contrast!
I agree, you should stay posting, but if you feel more inspired to not have the daily pressure, you should definitely change your format!

Wood Dickinson said...

This is a wonderful blog. I really enjoy the photographs. Don't stop!

babooshka said...

Personally I really hope you continue in one form or another, but as a daily myself, I agree the pressure to produce image and wording is tremendous. Maybe a less formal blog as and when you see fit would be better. There aren't that many blogs I write diatribes on, butI enjoy both your images and HONEST WRITING! On a purely selfish level, you need to continue in some way for me to say Wow everyday.

The contrast in the image of the two different mediums is wonderfully observed.

To change the mood a little..
How did they get away with "throw the dog a bone?"

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Daily posts can be stressful so I can see the need for a reformatting once you reach your goals. For me, I adore coming here to see your latest offering. Both your photography and writing draw me in. Keep up the good work!

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