Saturday, August 9, 2008

Well earned rest.

I am knackered (a bit sleepy and worn out), we have just come back from a day trip to the lakes, a 5.30 start, followed by a 3 hour drive, an 8 hour walk over 3 fells, a quick dinner stop at a pub (no beer as I’m driving) and a 3 hour drive back. So as soon as I can sort them out some more shots for the blog and a break down of the walk.

So on to today’s picture before I fall a sleep. Just out side Leek is the little village of Ruston Spencer, and perched above the village on one of the narrowest, windiest road I’ve ever been on is the village church and for all you non locals if you try to picture a traditional English village church, complete with yew trees and grave yard, this could have been the prototype. I had it all to myself for the hour I was there which was fantastic, but like a lot of small churches it is looking a bit run down, with the grave yard very over grown, which for me only added to the charm of the place.

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Ellie said...

kind of dark, but very deep at the same time! For sum reason, I like it.

Emmie said...

I like it too, very well thought out and a great angle :) x

Lisa B said...

I like wandering round old churchyards too. Your image is stunning and the effect suits it perfectly.


Dark, deep, b+w... possibly the creepiest pic you've ever taken but I'll let you get away with it ;) Nice angle though - although I don't approve of today's tune... Kate Nash just gets really badly on my nerves

Scarlet x

The warrior in me said...

That is a beautiful picture! Damn good job. I'm actually surprised that you had the stamina to do all of what you said you did, drive back and still write this post, coz i tend to fall dead the minute i return from work even.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I love this shot, Brett. Nice composition and a the effect suits it perfectly.

Nella said...

Beautifully eerie....eerily beautiful.

Thank you.

Martin Rye said...

3 hour drive to the Lakes, Lucky you. good 6 hour for me. I'll look forward to your photos of the Lakes. And what fells did you do?

babooshka said...

Very effective use of the wizardry here. I admire others work of this kind. I may be tempted to give the style a go sometime, but I fear i may go completey wild and loose the subtle nuances

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