Friday, November 21, 2008


Kasia, has tagged me with the book worm award, in the hope it will inspire a photo.
The way it works is: you open the closest book on page 46 and write out the 5th sentence on the page (and the following 2-5 sentences). Great now to choose a book! As you can see I have a few (the shelves are mostly double stacked) So here it is.

See? These shoes are built to absorb shocks.
He’s right. I barely felt that.

Now with an explanation

See? These shoes are built to absorb shocks. (John showing Garfield jogging shoes he has brought him)
WHACK! (Garfield hitting John with said shoes)
He’s right. I barely felt that.

The 5th Garfield treasury.

Look around I will pick two of you tomorrow!

By the way this is a very hard photo to get, it is made up of 4 shot joined up as the room is very small.

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Kasia said...

I am a complete Garfield freak :) Still my sister is even bigger freak :) And I'm also a total book worm, but as it's quite difficult to bring books with me on the plane, I have quite a lot of them left back in Warsaw, in carboard boxes, in my flat's basement. If I had them with me, plus all the books I bought in the UK it would more or less look like on your photo :) My biggest dream is (once I have a house on my own) to have a library, a room packed with books :)

Lisa B said...

gosh those shelves could be mine!

Suburbia said...

I love to nose around other peoples book shelves!! A great few lines from one of my favourite cats!

aims said...

Uh - my bookshelves look like that too - except I have - erm - 8 of them - all double stacked. The rest of the books are piled in stacks on the floor.

Hello. My name is Aims and I'm a bookaholic. (all together now - Hi Aims)

Daisy said...

Hilarious you chose Garfield, I love it! Will try and make sure mine's not a French dictionary which is what usually surrounds me!

babooshka said...

I think that's my guitar. Is this image stitched then?I see so many poor job done of panoramas that they usually jump straight out you. Life without books and music would be just too dull.

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