Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Exist

I’ve had the first concrete proof that I exist, in the blogging world any way; I have had a letter from Google. Well I say letter its more like a card, just to confirm I am who I say I am for the adsence scheme. Now I know I blog and others have seen the blog, but getting a letter, even such a small one, that is a direct result of the blog, makes it seem real. Think about your blog, do you get any communication from it other than on your computer, so other than the thing that you create it on you get nothing else and then a letter arrives all the way from New York! Am I just being a little strange or is this making any sense?
Photo to day from the canal walk earlier this week, the way the light hit this pieces of scrap made it stand out and worth a shot.

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Lisa B said...

definitely worth a shot as you say, well cool!

ShutterSpy said...

Nice and different.

Mary Z said...

Love all your photographs, but this one is exceptional!

Martin Rye said...

"I think therefore I am". In your case - you blog and therefore you are...well a blogger. Existing is more than mere HTML code and in your case you share so well glimpses of you via your blog. It's appreciated. Thanks Brett.

盧廣仲vicent said...
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