Saturday, November 15, 2008

Enter the Polergirl

Photo yesterday was of a pasta machine for any of you that were interested, today the image is of some pins with coloured heads, I just love the contrast of the sharp hard steel with the bright friendly colours of the heads.
Now some sad news, one of my very close friends has suffered a loss, but I don’t think he will get much sympathy here. He is in the process of becoming a blog widow, my other very good friend (I only have a couple, perhaps I should get out more) Polergirl has just started a blog, now I know I should not be doing this as you can only read so many blogs a day, and her writing and reason for blogging are so much better than mine, but please pop along and have a look, I think that it could be a really good read. Remembering my first comment from someone I’d never met, I was so excited and only had to wait 3 weeks! Just let her know who sent you, it might get me bigger scoops of ice cream next time I’m there.

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laurie said...

push pins! i thought they were christmas lights at first. i like this.

lucy said...

I love how you take the most simple thing and turn them into a wonderful photo...this is what distinguishes the person who takes photos from the is the vision and the eye. I can take a picture...I just don't have the vision...I am so envious!

Isunia said...

It really is a beautiful picture. You are very clever :)

Anonymous said...

I love the contrast of this photo!

Thanks for the mention - am honoured :-)

Suburbia said...

I wondered what that was yesterday!! Great pins :)

EP said...

I hope your friend is doing OK. Suffering any kind of loss is hard. :/

I really like that photo. What kind of macro lens did you use to make it happen?

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