Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vat cut con

VAT, Value added tax, since when has adding tax been a value? Now they have decided to cut it by 2.5% and this is suppose to make us all rush out and by something! How many items that were at £9.99 last week will still be at £9.99 in the week following the change? I think all of them; this cut will just be a excuse for the shops to reclaim some of their margin that has already been cut to the bone in an effort to get more sales out of our empty pockets. If the government wanted us to have more money to spend cut income tax, then we would see the benefit and not the shop owners.
Away from the questionable decisions of the government and back to what makes life worth while, a clear frosty morning spent walking by the canal, hard to believe that this was just yesterday as the weather out side is grey and wet now.

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the eternal worrier said...

The company I work for is keeping its prices the same. It will cost too much to change everything by such a small amount. But… the invoices that we’ve already sent out are causing us a nightmare as they are at the old rate!! Our systems guy has had to rearrange his weekend to come in after the store closes on Sunday to change the vat rate. 4 days notice was never enough for businesses. It’s a bit of a mystery as to why they even bothered. We need cheaper food and fuel and neither of those are affected.

Isunia said...

Great picture! I like the reflection in the water :)

Suburbia said...

So beautiful, the water looks like glass. Sunny here today !! (sorry)


aims said...

Having been a store owner in the past - and remember this is Canada - and 'tax' we had to collect only went to the government. Never to the store owner.

I've read about 'canal tours' in your wonderful country and always thought I'd love to spend a week floating along - fly swatter in one hand and camera in the other. It truly is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I know you don't know me at all, but, I follow your blog - love the pictures, and the stories - and I tagged you. Check out my blog for the rules! :) It is the My Moments blog.

Daisy said...

I really loved this picture- it was such a surprise as I scrolled down the page, that reflection is incredible! Sorry for the delay, but I have finally done the book meme, and I really enjoyed it- thank you so much for asking me! x D

Emmie said...

Im sure not rushing out and spending my pennies! they are very rare in this house! :o)

Too little too late...

Love the photo, you get the feeling of a lovely fresh, crisp day by the canal. Wonderful :)

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