Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dog and gun

Topsey turvey day today, as I was out before 8am to take some photos and am now blogging at lunch time. Its not often that I go out just to take pictures, I nearly always carry a camera so that any walk I do turns into a photo shoot, but for me to go out to a place just to photograph it is very rare. Today’s target was a local beauty spot and with it being ¾ of a hour away I had to leave early and hope the weather was ok when I got there. The place is a wooded valley with a river running down the middle, its on a major walking route and is quite lovely, oh and it was shut. Now when I say shut I don’t mean that it had not opened, as it always open, what I mean is that today it was closed off and the reason was that the valley was being used by a hunting party. Now I’ve seen the odd bloke wandering around the countryside with a shot gun, but this was a proper English hunting party, tweed, plus fours, Landrovers, cloth caps, waxed jackets and lots of gundogs and retrievers, fantastic, if I had not been so intimidated by all the men with guns I would have taken some pictures. On top of that they were all very polite and on seeing me looking up the valley, camera in hand, asked if I wanted to go in, a quick check to make sure they weren’t just offering me a head start, and off I went to take my pictures. Pictures done I’m now back and starting the process of sorting them. This is the first of them, a detail shot of an old barn.

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babooshka said...

I am swooning with photography envy at this shot. It's a classic exmpale of a mono showing texture. It just wouldn't look the same in colour. The subtle shades and tones just make you want to run your hand over the stonework. A long lost track today too to accompany. I am out a lot at designated photo shoots, but I am always with a camera on my walks. This is why.

aims said...

Ah!! Are you and Polergirl in the same vicinity? Wasn't she just mentioning men in sock garters and plus fours?

Great shot.

btw - wanted to let you know that you have inpsired me so much I insisted we get a new camera. Our upcoming trip to New Orleans is going to provide tons of fodder for the viewfinder isn't it!

caro said...

No we have hills where we live!

Suburbia said...

I thought you were going to say they chased you off the land! Quite decent of them to let you in.

coolgirlsar said...

Fantastic shot, plus the way the photo looks here it's like it's lying flat on the ground and opening a doorway into the ground. I've also been looking at your other entries and I have to say I do really love your blog, full of fantastic photos and interesting information.


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