Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Systematic desensitization

Systematic desensitization is gradual exposure to feared objects or situations. The goal of Systematic Desensitization is to overcome the avoidance pattern by gradually exposing patients to the phobic object until it can be tolerated. This will be challenging for the patient at first to deal with the fear, but gradually, most will overcome this fear.
Meet my friend, Patient X, hill walker and country man supreme, fearless traveller of the high fells and mountains. A man who never shrinks from a challenge, no river to deep, no mountain to high (queue for a song), but, put a cow in the field by the path and it’s a whole new ball game, then like superman in the presents of Kryptonite, he becomes a mere mortal.
But not any more, this Sunday his wonderful girlfriend (partner, other ½, significant other, +1, etcetera etcetera) as a TREAT! Arranged for a visit to a local dairy farm, you known a large flat grassy place with cows, 100s and 100s of them, just so he could try a bit of Systematic desensitization. While Mr X got to meet the cows, safely ensconced behind a large wire fence, his girl got a guided tour of the farm house (kitchen, fridge, bowl, ice-cream), on leaving the house she was horrified to see, and now I will quote from her email,

“I do a double take as I spot Mr X & Farmer John walking through the middle of a field with cows in it! OMG my heart is in my mouth. Even the young bullocks are watching expectantly from their sheds. Life went into slow motion as I saw the cows approach Mr X and surround him in the field. He stretched out his hand.....and petted the middle of a field!!!!! OMG I couldn't believe it! My emotions overwhelmed me, a mixture of pride, love and happiness all rolled into one warm mushy cow pat”.

Is this a cure? Only time will tell, but knowing Mr X as I do, it must have taken no small amount of courage to set foot in to that field, facing ones fears like that is fantastic, I don’t think I could faces mine that well.

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Lola said...

hi brett - here this is very good site for all types of brilliant photography. Drawing pins! I didn't think they were beautiful until now.

Anonymous said...

It's a brave man who can face his fear head on. I'm sure Mr X would much rather have sat on your drawing pins than walk into that field. Well done Mr X - I am so proud of you!


Cows? Poor man but at least there isn't TOO MANY cows around.

Unlike me and my irrational fear of pigeons, the scum of the earth, rats of the sky!!! I hate the little blighters. I have to face my fear head on nearly every single day but unfortunately I'm not getting over it.

Scarlet x

aims said...

Absolutely not!

You're not putting me into a field of snakes. No way. Shoes weren't made yet to run that fast - - -

Suburbia said...

Amazing photo, how did you think of a subject like that?!

Ranger Faff said...

There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.

W C Fields

babooshka said...

Clowns!They are plan evil. I would rather stick those pins in my eyes than shake the hand of a clown.

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