Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action.

With the house light down and the curtain raised, I found that the light levels were so low that even on its fastest setting my camera was still too slow to capture any images, at least that’s what any photography book would tell you. The rule of thumb is that the shutter speed should equal the focal length, so a 50mm lens can be hand held at 50th of a second, a 300mm lens at 300th of a second. I got one shot using a 50mm hand held at a 6th of a second and a lot held at ¼ of a second, I lost a lot more.
As for the show it rolled on almost faultlessly, each act getting a great reception from the audience, if not from the judges. I ran around from back stage to dressing room to the stage front, trying my hardest to capture the feel and emotion of the event, struggling all the time with lack of light and missing so many great images, the look on the artist’s faces as they waited in the wings, in near total darkness would have been wonderful to capture.
The show finished with a performance from the winning act, a fine end to a great show, after that the lights came on and I could get back to some proper work, shooting the star judge with people from the show and the public. I also got to get some shots of the aftermath, celebrations and clean up work, as even with the audience gone there was still loads to do. Six hours after I left home I got back, tired, hungry and very much in need of a drink, before any of that just time to upload the 6 gig of images and do a basic sort out.
Sundays post featured the first shot from Saturday, and the bulk of the day was spent trying to salvage something from the night before, I ended up with around 50 images that I was happy with, the first feed back has been very positive and more importantly I have learned loads.

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Suburbia said...

You do tell a good tale, can't wait to see some more from the show.

Lochness monster?!

aims said...

So dreamy - all that mist. Makes me melancholy.

Ranger Faff said...

Sounds like it went brilliantly, Brett. Well done! Looking forward to catching up soon!

Michaela said...

*siiigh* that's beautiful. very, very beautiful.

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