Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lifes challenges

First off an apology for the picture, it’s not up to my usual quality, at least I’m not happy with it, but it’s the first time I’ve ever seen this and am dead happy I managed to get a shot of it, time permitting I will try to get back there soon for another go.
Now some sad news, Girl with a mask has stopped blogging, I don’t known how many of you have read her blog, but for me it was one of the first I found and inspired me on a number of days. She does say she will be back in some form and I can only hope it won’t take long. But as one favourite goes so a new one comes along, I’m loving Polargirl’s blog, it’s become my first stop in a morning and has yet to disappoint so I’m adding it to my list at the side so you can all have a look.
As long term readers will know I have in the passed suffered with stress and panic attack, so much so that I was off work for 6 months, only returning in March, new situations and public speaking are 2 areas that give me problems, so yesterday and today finds me briefing the whole department, in ¼ hour slots and today I’m receiving my art award from our CEO, now if only I could find a hole to crawl into.

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Retiredandcrazy said...

Girl with a mask was an all time favourite of mine too. Let's hope she will come back toon. Good luck with the briefing today, I'm sure you will be fine.

I always have to remember that I can do anything for a short time (even go to the dentist, which I am terrified of) and afterwards I feel great for having achieved something.

Now I'm off to take a look at Polargirl.

Retiredandcrazy said...

PS - I wish that I could take a photograph that bad!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a difficult shot to capture - amazing Brett! Now, take some deap breaths - focus on your talents, stand proud and know we are all with you today :-)

P.S. thanks for the mention

Sunny said...

The photo is rare indeed, glad you've taken it. Thanks for sharing.

travelling, but not in love said...

Brett, you'll be fine.

Just remember that whenever you are in front of an audience, they only ever want you to do well. Noone wants you to fall apart. They are behind you, not just in front of you, so to speak.

Relax dude, it'll be fine....

travelling, but not in love said...

ps the photo is spectacular in the subject it has caught. One to be proud of!

Anonymous said...

I hope Girl with a mask will be back soon too!

Are there any homeopathic stress relieving pills you could take maybe? I bought some of those a while ago, and they really help while not making you sleepy. Good luck with everything!

aims said...

Amazingly - (this goes along with your fantastic pic today) Salmon and Fish Oil Capsules work a treat on the brain.

Start off with 2 a day and take more according if they don't seem to be doing the trick. I actually don't know if there's a limit - you could ask this doc - he's made the discovery and got himself back on track with them.

rohens @ gmail . com

He won't mind - he's really really helpful and happy to talk about this! Promise!

Suburbia said...

Hope the briefing and award thing went very well:) I'm enjoting Poergirl too thanks for the link the other day :)

I have never seen a Salmon jump, it's amazing you caught it (on film!) at all!

Daisy said...

Wow! I can't believe you got that shot! Now all you need is a bear batting at it with its paw and you're set! Did you ever think of applying to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year prize? Lots of luck and keep calm, you'll be great!

babooshka said...

Public speaking horrific. Got to to a speach at do soon. Not looking forward to itat all.

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