Thursday, September 25, 2008

Brillo, my bear

As I was saying yesterday, I over heard the conversation while sitting outside of my place of work, wearing a furry bear suit, waiting to start my next stint as an entertainer/ costumed character (bear) at a local theme park.
The job was to put on a large bear costume and walk around the site entertaining the crowds who were waiting to get on the rides, but normally degenerated into hugging the prettiest girls and scaring the children (a 6 foot high, 3 foot wide, dark grey bear, resembling a Brillo pad on legs, can look very scary if you are only 2 foot high and it takes you by surprise, like hiding at the bottom of the ball pool). The main point to the job was that you had to look happy and without your face on show it was not just a plastered on smile, your whole body had to be happy, happy, happy. As any ex theme park worker will tell you, its no fun.
After what I had just discovered I was a long way from happy and it was at this point a positive appeared, in the shape of one of the prettiest girls I have ever met. I was sat outside away from everyone, trying to get my head round the news and failing, the girl, we had worked together for a few months but not really talked, noticed that I was in a state and came out to see if she could help, and showed such kindness and concern, that it enabled me, after a while, put on the costume and head back out to work, It also forged a friendship that lasted the whole season. It is still one of the hardest things I have ever done, being happy while my heart was broken.

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Aww, that sounds like such a crappy job! But maybe dressing up as a bear cheered you up? Should've done some of those karate moves like the John West bear and then you'd have been a little happier.

Please cheer up soon, I feel horrible when my mates are depressed!

Scarlet xx

babooshka said...

Now that bear suit was just an excuse wasn't it to bear hug pretty girls.
The image is very haunting and etheral. I'm more your manic depressive variety, hence the writing being at breakneck speed or flatline.
I feel for you as at least I have ecstatic highs to offset the black holes. Depression as a constant you can not snap out of, don't rush the process. I have just crawled back out the black hole and walking the highwire again. Crash!

aims said...

Some people are so special aren't they? They can reach out and touch us and make us feel better - and they don't have to. They can be like most people and turn their heads so they don't have to get involved - but they try to reach us anyway.

Bless her for reaching out to you.

Suburbia said...

What a hrad thing to have to do, feeling very sad but having to act happy.

Michaela said...

Ok, for some reason, I thought you were saying you still dressed up as a bear for your job. I was shaking my head in sadness for you. Though, I'm sure you make an excellent happy, happy bear.

Great shot! That is so dark and mysterious. I love the eyes of the sculpture. They are so sad.

Girls don't like to be randomly hugged by strange men in bear costumes. Just thought I'd let you know ;)

Bragger said...

Love your photography. My nickname in high school was "Brillo" because my hair resembled (resembles?) steel wool. Not very flattering for a girl.

And some girls DO like to be hugged by random bear costumes.

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